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School sponsored walk Early 70s
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School sponsored walk, probably 1973

Headmaster the late, great Harry Fitton surrounded by dozens of walkers
"This photo was taken on the day of a sponsored walk for the first high school mini bus" - 1973?

Names suggested include: Simon Boardman, Claire Perry, Gary Yates, Steven Kaye, Malcolm Farrow, Paul Lewis, John Deacey, Steve Lyon, Paul Jeynes, John Stockton, Carl Leafe, Paul Buck, Chris Buck, Caroline Radcliffe, Janice Todd, Stephen Ward, Susan Gardner, Kevin Saddington, Steven Lenton, Andrew Stone... Any more?

submitted by Alison Cox (via Facebook) October 29th 2013
Michele Farrar: "Judith Dennis and me missed the photo shoot - we did the walk but we were last in as we hobbled round due to blisters!"
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