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Times Educational Supplement ClippingDaniel, Bel and the Dragon a new music drama by Robert Thomson and Martin Hotton, was recently performed at Yorks Art Centre by pupils from Wetherby High School. The story, or to be exact, group of stories, has been taken completely from the Apocrypha. It could just as easily have been taken from Chinese Opera or Maori myth, as from Judaeo-Christian tradition. Drama teachers have for some time realized… read the full TES article, written by Dick Wilcocks. (needs Adobe Reader)

WSPANE banner Daniel, Bel and The Dragon. Press Clippings, 1973.
submitted by Rob Thomson, January 2008
"…Here is some material from Daniel, Bel and the Dragon which I wrote with Martin Hotton. We'd worked on a production of Noye's Fludde in 1971 and thought we'd have a go at one of our own. I'd give Martin a batch of words and he'd reply "Do you want it Thursday or do you want it good?" - a great response that I've stolen for myself at times."
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