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Yorkshire Post ClippingGillian Carr and Christine Scott give Stephen Barrow a helping hand with a massive Dragon's head, as they prepare for a school production of "Daniel, Bel and the Dragon"
The play was staged at Wetherby, West Riding, High School last night and is being repeated tonight (Wednesday April 11th 1973)…
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Official Teacher Ages revealed : Rob Thomson (27) and Martin Hotton (26)… Teachers are not as old as we thought, then!

WSPANE banner Daniel, Bel and The Dragon. Press Clippings, April 11th 1973.
submitted by Rob Thomson, January 2008
"…The incident of the explosion at the dress rehearsal is one where I literally left a mark on WHS. I fixed a maroon - a sort of giant banger - stretched on strings inside a metal dustbin, and put the lid on to protect it from prying eyes and fingers. On cue, I crouched down near it and threw the switch...Amazing! There was huge bang,time paused,dust filled the stage followed by a clatter as the dustbin lid crashed down. Looking up, I noticed an almost perfectly circular hole in the ceiling. Mr Fitton who was holding a meeting of dignatories from the LEA in his office apparently just casually said, as the explosion echoed round the school, "Oh, that's just my drama teacher..."and continued. Sadly, having discovered rocket science the hard way, later performances went off without the lid."
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