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Joanna Kirk etc. ENC Xmas 72 John Wardle and Hercules
  • above left: Joanna Kirk and three unknowns
  • above: John Wardle near the gate at the side of the ROSLA Block and the path which led down to the Royal Oak
  • left: Jim Robison and Unknown
Hercules and School Pig '72 Jim Robison and Hercules
WSPANE banner The Emperor's New Clothes, 1972
submitted by Rob Thomson, April 2008
"…These date from Christmas 1972 and a show based on The Emperor's New Clothes. The horse is Hercules (influence of Gerald Payling's Classical Studies perhaps?) and was constructed by John Wardle who also played the back legs. Jim Robison the new pottery teacher also helped out. Joanna Kirk had a starring role. Keenest audience member, apparently, was the school pig, whose name I sadly have forgotten"

COULD IT BE....? That megaphone poised between JW's legs might just be the prop from a classic jape from 1975 or 76 when the mouthpiece was coated in matching maroon oil paint and left out as bait. Predictably one Nigel Landrick ("Keg") arrived, picked it up and shouted something witty. The rest of the class were not laughing at your comedy genius Keg - just the purple smear round your orifice and the more you tried to wipe it the better it became - oh how we smug sixth formers laughed at our own cleverness...

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