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Rural Studies Lesson
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Rural Studies Lesson c. 1974?

Top row L to R : Stephen Kitchen - John Davey
2nd row L to R : John Harris - Jason Ewen - Mark Robinson - Stephen Kay - John Nichols
3rd row L to R : Stuart Bradford - Lesley Fletcher - Peter Smith - Peter Stephens
Front row L to R : Alwyn Suttle - Gary Yates - Graham Shackleton's back - Kevin Lambert - Gary Archer
foreground : Diane Bonner (grooming the horse) - Dawn the Horse (being the horse) - Dawn Hennah (holding the horse) - Mrs Jackson (Teacher)

A few sheep and a horse came to live at the school
submitted by Diane Bonner (now Oakley), August 2000. Additional info from Steve Benson and Dawn Hennah (now Payne)

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