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Kirk Deighton Rangers 1971
WSPANE banner Kirk Deighton Rangers 1971

back row : Norman Howell (aka "Sandy") - Jumbo Jackson - Gary Sutcliffe - Paul Alexander - Derek Coote - Jack Taylor (manager) - Gary Earle - Eric Close - Mr. Tobin - John Newman* - Eddie Richardson - Dave Edwards - Mr. Close
front row : Robert Tobin - Steve Lyon ("Ben") - Andrew Ellerbeck - Johnny Johnson - Ian Hartley - Gary Bradley - Paul Kinsey - ? Crooks - Alex Tobin - Michael Crooks - Carl Shewan - Graham Hope

The Manager, Jack Taylor JP, was renowned for driving his car past the ground every hour and clearing the field of trespassers.

* Originally listed as Mick Riley, but now correctly identified by Steve Newman: "we lived in Schoolhouse Terrace, Kirk Deighton for a few years. My brother John went on to play soccer for Harrogate Town and Harrogate Railway. He is now an F.A. Coach and has trained the junior teams for Sunderland and York City. Two years ago he moved to The States and now trains a couple of teams in Florida!!"
submitted by Linda and Andrew Ellerbeck, November 8th 2000.
Additional info from Stuart Rennie, Steve Newman, Allan Honeyman and Shirley Hare (Jack Taylor's daughter) | Share on Facebook
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