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Mackeans, Fourth Edition

"Get The Mackeans out!"

No Biology lesson in the 60s or 70s was allowed to start without this ritual utterance by Mrs Berry. D G Mackean's magnum opus was first published in 1962. This image shows a reprint of the 4th edition, dated 1970. I hope you're taking notes!

WSPANE banner Mackean, Introduction to Biology, 1970 edition
submitted by Tony Martin, September 2008
D.G. Mackean B.A., F.I.Biol taught at Sir Frederic Osborn School, Welwyn Garden City. In a spooky twist, that establishment is only half a mile from the Myoldschools Head Office, here in the Garden City! If you did not want to know this fact, or if you don't like spooky things, please disregard.
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