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Twelfth Night Production Photo Twelfth Night Production Photo Twelfth Night Production Photo
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School's production of Twelfth Night 1970

above left : Unknown - John Barton - Steve Newman, in the corridor at the back of the hall, leading towards the changing rooms
centre : Unknown - Miss Atkinson (later Mrs Brindle) applying the slap. Location unknown
right : Unknown - Philip Gamble - Wayne Seward (standing right) - Unknown (seated)

submitted by Rob Thomson, December 2007. Additional info from Anne Corcoran (now Page) and Shirley Lambert
I've found a booklet of photos taken by Dougie Webb (who else?) of my production of Twelfth Night so I've included these as a taster. I'll get round to the others later. Somewhere in the house there are two copies of the Two-1 Times, heat copied and run off on a Gestetner - if only we'd had computers in the days of the dreaded Banda machines. Character building…probably!
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