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View of the playground circa 1974
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School: View of the playground circa 1974
Do you remember:
  • lining up in form groups to go into assembly?
  • the slide when the weather turned icy?
  • when conkers were banned?
  • swapping football cards? "got, got, got, not got, got....."

The old house in the background is no more - but who used to live there? King Tetley, apparently.

The big building in the background is Scrutan's, which became a hospital which in turn became an ambulance station. - Stephen Durrell

I am sure the lad with his hands in his pocket stood looking directly at the camera is Kevin Lambert from my class. - Diana Oakley (Bonner)

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the Clive Bateman collection, 5th August 2002
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