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Dales Trip 1972 - Reeth
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Dales Trip July 1972, Reeth

names : Liz Hickling - Unknown - Kate Mills - Diana Jillings (?) - Helen Jackson - Nadine Walker

"..another Dales trip photo, taken in Reeth on the same trip (see also this page), so I think the castle must be Richmond. I think we also went to the Bowes Museum on the same day, but I'm probably merging two trips here, because we also went to Hardraw Force and the Buttertubs Pass, so it must have been a whistle-stop tour! I always hated Reeth then - it seemed very dreary and the tea was awful, but it's one of my favourite places now. (Actually, the Black Bull and the King's Head - wonderful pubs in midwinter when you've nearly died of hypothermia on some epic trek through Swaledale)"

submitted by Fiona Kelly (now MacDonald), January 12th 2004. Additional info from Julie West (now White)

The Dales 1972, Richmond Castle?

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