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Jade Folk Group Oliver picture
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Malcolm Spencer and acting types

top left : "Jade were an enthusiastic 'folk' group, lead by Helen Leaf and encouraged by Belinda Swift-Howe and Malcolm Spencer. We did a variety of school concerts and fund raising events over a couple of years.This photo is almost certainly one of Dougie Webb's." Back row : Stephen Turner, Richard Woof. Middle row : Nicola Birkinshaw, Heather Cant, Jill Beasley, Alison Leaf, Elaine Cant (Heather's sister).Front with guitars : Mandy Rance, Helen Leaf
top right : "The middle girl of the 3 people sitting on the left is Nicola Birkinshaw. I'm centre stage wearing a silly hat and I don't know the other person"
middle left : "Chris Dalston, me (look at the state of it!), Dave Knight (not being very active but looking very important don't you think!), Kevin Saddington. The person kneeling is Simon Hill"
middle right : "Kevin Saddington, unknown and Linda Carling. On the floor : Gary Sansam (why has he got a wellie on his right hand?) and me (I must have had a thing for silly hats)"
bottom : "The 'blind' man is the music teacher Malcolm Spencer (of Jade fame) ably assisted by Karen Jackson and Mike Howard"

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submitted by Mandy Rance (now Thackray), January 31st 2001. Additional info from Rob Howard, Alun D. Williams and Diane Bonner (now Oakley)
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