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Times Snippet No 1

This page features details of Mr Fitton's fireworks ban, a report of pigs with pneumonia in Farmer Palmer's Rural Studies block and Deborah Watson's exposé of drugs and the counter-culture. View PDF Version

Times Snippet No 2

Featuring Rachel Evans' editorial on the danger of fireworks, the problems associated with chewing gum, more on the drugs haul in the science block, the seemingly permanent temporary pre-fabs, Messrs Surfleet and Brook build a garage for the minibus, Andrew Ingleby's feature on Rob Thomson and the hurdy-gurdy, Siân Edwards' report on Pauline Majerus' obsession with cleaning and John Wardle as the front half of a pantomime horse.View PDF Version

Times Snippet No 3

Featuring Louise Wilson's article on the school Holiday in Germany with, among others, Reg Taylor, a report on the sponsored walk on Saturday 12th May (1973), Ruth Naylor's interview with first and second year pupils about leisure time and a report on Bob Proctor's popular Model Club. View PDF Version

Times Snippet No 4

Features a highly controversial piece on whether girls should be allowed to play football, with the views of Diane Storey, Jayne Stocks, Deborah Watson and Jennifer Haigh. Stephen Cripwell and Roger Woodward offer an alternative and more pragmatic view… plus Mr Ramsden has a warning for the smokers. Elsewhere Alison Brownridge speaks to Leeds and England legend Allan Clarke, there's a piece on goldilocks-look-alike, teacher John Marks and the Art of Jack Marrows, Karen North and Maureen Stockton.View PDF Version

WSPANE banner Wetherby High School, The TWO/3 Times c 1973
submitted by Rob Thomson, December 2007
…a rare copy of the 2*1 Times generated in an English class using the advanced technology of the time - literally cut and paste
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