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FOUR/3 c 1971
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School FOUR/3* 1971-72

back row: Ronald Miller - Jeremy Hornby - Mick Yeoman - Jonathan Bendilow - Robert Mallaby - Steven Holt - Iain "Jumbo" Jackson - Carl Shewan - David Culloden - Tim Stickler
middle row: Dave Thurston - Raymond "Beano" Banks - David Halliday - Gerald Poulter - Catherine Shaw - Anna Eurich ? - Audrey Dodgson - Unknown - Penny North - Sharon Duffy - Susan Pullan
front row: Julia Schofield - Patricia Kinsey - Jeanette Scott - Leslie Struthers - Barbara Gill - Joanne Fearne - Carol Chapman - Carol Sampson - Lynne Walker - Valerie Telford - Sheila Todd - Helen Hawe

Originally published in the Wetherby News, whose contribution to the cause is acknowledged. Additional info from Graham and Nikki Drydale, Keith Mallaby, Jean Holt (now Woodcock), Melvyn O'Connell and Julia Schofield (now Yeadon).
The person marked "unknown" between Audrey Dodgson and Penny North was originally identified as Lynn(e) Walker before Ms Walker was positively identified on the front row.
From Keith Mallaby:
"It certainly looks like my brother in this photo although I don't remember him with that much hair. He was certainly starting the 4th year in 1971 but I think he was in 4/4 not 4/3"
From Melvyn O'Connell (once of FOUR/4):
"This is certainly not FOUR/4"
Confirmed info From Julia Schofield:
*If this was 1971 it was FOUR/3 as I moved schools and transferred to Leeds in the spring term
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