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WHS Lower 6 Boys 1972
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Lower 6th Boys 1972

back row : Jack Marrows - Owen Rhys - John Lister - Robert Scott - Phil Hardy - Steven Holt - Martin Woof - Ian McBride - Gordon Whitelock - Michael Turner
middle row : Martin Couchman - Unknown - Nigel Dixon - Keith Parkin - Steve Gadd - Steven Hart - Dave Nugent - Julian Walker - Stuart Gordon - Tony Newiss
front row : Unknown (NOT Mark Bentham) - Unknown - Barry Snarr - Peter Todd - John Tomlinson - Unknown - Jonathan Smithson - Harold Yeoman - Maurice Hesketh - Sean Jackson

"fifth from left on the front row (looking more like a girl to be honest) is my best mate up to 1970, John Tomlinson. Now all I have to do is track him down and sue for the loss of my Corgi 'James Bond' Aston Martin c/w Bullet proof screen and ejector seat"
SB - "So sorry to read about the deaths of Harry Fitton, Rex Steel and Barry Sellers. For me, the Art block was a haven particularly in the Sixth Form. Barry, together with John Wardle made us feel special, interesting and even possessing a modicum of artistic ability. Mr. Fitton always wrote something inspiring at the bottom of the school report in his marvellous flowing style. I wish I had known about his funeral."
submitted by Alison Dalby, 20th March 2001. Additional info from Shirley Lambert (now Lock), Mark Bentham (ex-Tad Grammar and WHS), Sue Brissenden and Pete Makin
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