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WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Oliver Cast and Orchestra April 1975

Musicians (standing): Belinda Swift-Howe - Simon Coll
Musicians (seated back row) : Andrew Hill - name withheld - Rachel Gray - Gary Yates - Stephen Tate - Nick Temple - Nick Hall - Chris Mawer - Howard Rose - Pauline Hall - Julia Bostock - Sylvia Johnson
Musicians (front row) : James Garside - Ian Bickers - Karen Ireland - Jayne Gascoyne - Jeremy Forty - Catherine Atkinson - Judith Mariott - Toni Paterson - Christine Hodgson - Jayne Trepte - Kate Paterson - Alison Tomlinson - Lesley Jackson - Frederica Hauger - Caroline Brickel
Thespians : (in no particular order, for that would be impossible!) Diane Bonner - Mandy Rance - Jason Ewen - Rob Howard - Nick Boschi - Anna Mace - Helen Leafe - Siriol Jenkins - Clive Bentley - Rachel Fiddler - Ruth Batson - Ian Pease - Tony Hatfield - Julie Tobin - Angela Yarker - Debbie Waller - Tracy Schneider - Richard Mellor - Susan Myers - Helen Leafe's sister
Lighting/Sound crew : Stephen Kay, Tim Jenkins and Kevin Saddington

submitted by Jeremy Forty March 1st 2001. Originally published in The Wetherby, Tadcaster & Boston Spa News on Friday, April 25th, 1975. Additional info from Mandy Rance (now Thackray) and Diane Bonner (now Oakley). If anyone has got an original of this fine picture, please let me know
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