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Bumble and Brownlow
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School/Oliver 1975/Bumble and Brownlow

"Introducing Mr. Bumble (left), keeper of the workhouse, majestically played by Robert Procter, and the debonair Alan Yarker as Mr. Brownlow."

Submitted by Jeremy Forty, March 12th 2001.
This picture originally appeared in The Wetherby, Tadcaster & Boston Spa News; Friday, April 25th, 1975. Reproduced without permission but with thanks.

A lively Oliver

This evening sees the final performance of the musical "Oliver" by pupils and staff at Wetherby High School. The title role is shared by Clive Bentley and Michael Howard and that of Nancy by Anna Mace and Mandy Rance.
Nicholas Boschi makes an impressive Fagin and there is strong support from Jason Ewen as Bill Sykes.
The combination of the players and the orchestra, directed by Malcolm Spencer, produces a gay, lively and well-acted show with all involved obviously enjoying themselves.
The costumes and stage setting are realistic and the action is brought out into the audience at one point as the whole of the hall is used in a chase scene.
Much hard work has obviously been put in, especially by the producer Pauline Majerus.
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