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 Field Trip to Dent 1979
WSPANE banner  Wetherby High School Field Trip, Dent 1979

Females : (left to right) Val Humphreys - Helen Liversedge - Janet Campbell - Jenny Kerfoot - Penny Lovell - Alison Leaf - Debbie Bell
Males : Rob Whalley - Steph Gregg - Paul Jarvis - Alasdair Enticknap - John Wigley - Richard Frater - Simon Larbalestier - Tony Jacob - Simon Fitton - Richard Ingleby - Lindsay Griffiths - Steve Hinshelwood - Rob Howard
Where's the other Howard? Behind the camera? Not according to Rob H : "Mike didn't do A level english so wasn't on the trip"

Submitted by Alasdair Enticknap, January 30th 2001. Additional info from Rob Howard
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