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WSPANE banner Wetherby High School's production of Oliver, April 1975

top right: Diane Bonner as Mrs Bedwin - Alan Yarker as Mr Brownlow - Richard Mellor as Mr Sowerberry the Undertaker
upper right : Anna Mace as Nancy - Diane Bonner as Mrs Bedwin - Nicholas Boschi as Fagin
lower right : Jason Ewen as Bill Sykes - Helen Leaf as Beth - Mike Howard as Oliver - Anna Mace as Nancy - Nicholas Boschi as Fagin
Mike Howard was the understudy for the part of Oliver and according to twin brother Rob he was on for one night only. He now lives in the South of France.

Submitted by Diane Bonner (now Oakley), October 12th 2000. Additional info from Rob Howard, John Lindley and Mandy Rance.
Just found the site today - it's great! Really takes me back to when I was at Wetherby (68-73, then to Tadcaster for A levels). Nicholas Boschi is the younger brother of Tim Boschi (who was in my class for years 3-5) - John Lindley
Rob Mellor's brother was quite correct. The understudies did get to do one night. Rob played Oliver to my Nancy on that night. He was understudy to Clive (Cilla) Bentley, now sadly deceased - Mandy Rance
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