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The Rhythmaires 1975
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School. The Rhythmaires 1975

Left to right : Caroline Brickel - Tracey MacDonald - Mr. Simon Coll (double bass) - Simon Kenworthy (seated) - Mr Douggie Webb - Stephen Tate - Nick Hall - Nick Temple.
Remember the map of the school catchment area just inside the door of the assembly hall? How many grubby fingers had helped to erode it over the years?
Memorabilia Spot: fans of Wetherby's legendary heavy rock four-piece Max Quad might be interested to know that the guitar featured is very possibly the Zenta SG used during their sell-out appearance at the Crypt in 1974. It was later auctioned at Sotheby's and was snapped up by Jeremy "the flute" Forty. If you are interested in this fact, seek help!
Fact: Simon Kenworthy is now Musical Director of the Spa in Scarborough - RM, 2006

Submitted by Nick Temple, 25th April 2001. Additional info from Alun D. Williams and Mr Ray Milner.
Douggie Webb's group was called The Rhythmaires, although we used to call ourselves Douggie's Disciples!
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