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Unknown drama production Oliver drama production 1975
Daniel, Bel and the Dragon roadsweepers
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School various drama productions 1970s

upper left: Unknown production mid 70s. Unknown - baby - Unknown - Siriol Jenkins
upper right : Oliver 1975. Kathryn Wilkie - Anne Braithwaite - Nicola Baldry - Siriol Jenkins - Tracy MacDonald ? (kneeling at front)
lower left : Mandy Rance, Siriol Jenkins, Susan Myers, Ruth Bateson and Helen Leaf as Daniel, Bel and the Dragon roadsweepers 1973.

MORE INFO on Daniel, Bel...

Submitted by Siriol Jenkins, February 10th 2017
additional info from Pam Meehan and Karen Laybourne (Lockwood)
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