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Form 4MW 1978-79
WSPANE banner  Wetherby High School Form 4MW 1978-79, Mike Woodhead (woodwork)

back row : David Baxter - Robin Bryant - Glenn Copburn - Robert Elliss - Julian Gardiner - John Harper - Andrew Kirk - Guy Scorby - Paul Kitchin - Peter Knight
middle row : Peter Lamond - Paul Lewis - Simon Ossitt - Stewart Pettit - Wayne Scaife - Wayne Stanton - Adrian Suttle
front row : Trudi Allen - Suzanne Cowling - Nicola Elliott - Linda Kinghorn - Angela Marshall - Patricia McKenna - Rachel Perry - Kay Robinson - Caroline Trepte - Diane Walmsley
absent : Janet Ridgion and Joanne Greaves

Submitted by Angela Marshall (now Benson), 14th December 2001*
additional info from Jan Hainsworth.
So come on, where are you all ??? I'm now Mrs Angela Benson, having married a Wetherby lad, Steven. We have twin boys aged 7*, a 5* year old daughter and we're back living in good old Wetherby. I'd love to hear from any of my old school mates - have I got the year right?
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