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WHS Orchestra late 1980s
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Orchestra late 1980s/1990
WHS Orchestra late 1980s

UPPER picture:  A1 - Beverley Morby :A2 Mr. Simon Coll :A3 Joanna Brook ? :A4 - Sarah Shelton :A5 - Unknown:A6 Mr Hunter :A7 - Unknown:A8 Joanne Houghton :A9 Paul Hunter :A10 Catherine Davis :A11 Gillian Brown :A12 - Unknown:A13 Nina Chorzelewski? :A14 Amanda Perry :A15 - Unknown:A16 - Unknown:A17 - Unknown:A18 - Unknown:A19 - Unknown:A20 Zoe Rowe :A21 - Unknown:A22 Miranda Eason ? :A23 Mandy Ballantyne :A24 - Unknown:A25 - Howard Taylor :A26 - Richard Darlington:A27 Karen Tate :A28 - Unknown:A29 - Unknown:A30 - Unknown
LOWER picture:  B1 Colin Shipman :B2 - Unknown:B3 Richard Debenham :B4 - Unknown:B5 - Unknown:B6 Kathryn McAullay :B7 - Unknown:B8 - Unknown:B9 Philippa Smith :B10 - Unknown:B11 - Unknown:B12 - Unknown:B13 - Unknown:B14 - Unknown:B15 - Unknown:B16 Katie Carr :B17 - Unknown:B18 Annabelle Clarke :B19 Fiona Gardner :B20 Louise Dick :B21 - Unknown:B22 Jessica Owen-Hughes :B23 Lindsay Harding :B24 Karen Horridge :B25 Sara Fennah (or Tracy Harrison?) :B26 - Unknown:B27 - Unknown:B28 Lucy Debenham :B29 Mrs Swift-Howe

WHS Orchestra late 1980s
Submitted by Mrs Belinda Swift-Howe, February 6th 2017
additional info from Sara Fennah, Catherine Davis, Ian Littlefair, Colin Shipman, Mandy McVoy (Ballantyne), Sharon Gibbs, Louise Davies, Fiona Gardner, Tracey Fuller, Laura Bennett, Zoe Rowe, Louise Savine, Jessica Edwards Robert Taylor and Susan Myers
I noticed my brother Bill Taylor Known as Howard Taylor during his stay at WHS was marked unknown at A25. Bill was a fairly accomplished violinist taught by Eta Cohen in Leeds, reaching grade7 and played for Leeds Junior Strings.
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