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Wetherby High School's first computer 1981


Parents of children due to transfer to secondary school in September were invited to an open evening at Wetherby High School on December 1st. They were able to walk round the school and most expressed their surprise at the range of subjects and nature of work available in a modern comprehensive school. Many of the school's staff were available to answer questions and parents were free to look at examination results, the construction of the school timetable, and the plans for new school buildings.Materials describing the school and it's First Year intake were available and any parents unable to attend the meeting can obtain these by phoning the school at Wetherby 63353.
Our photograph shows two 6th formers operating the school's new computer.

WSPANE banner Wetherby High School's first computer 1981

Dominic Forty and Christopher Jones (at the keyboard) using a Research Machines 380Z (?).Source : unknown newspaper (probably The Wetherby News), dated December 24th, 1981.

Submitted by Nicholas Forty, 8th June 2001.
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