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Rural Studies Lesson
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Rural Studies Group 1980

pictured, left to right : Chris Marshall, Mark Cruddles, Tom Elliot, Mr David Palmer, Jane Earnshaw, Christine Knight, Graham Ogden

submitted by Christine Knight. This photograph was published in the Wetherby News March 28 1980 and credited to Keith Hepple.
Original Text by Chris Daggett
"...When the school first opened, the Rural Studies department consisted of two classrooms and one greenhouse and a number of small brick buildings left over from the naval base on which the school stands. The picture today is very different.
There are three greenhouses, one of which is heated, a stable, three pig houses, two hen huts, a rabbit hutch, sheep paddock and vegetable gardens, all presided over by the head of department, Mr David Palmer.... helped by fellow teacher Mr. Jeff Silverwood and a full-time stockman Mr Malcolm Scorby.......the pupils take an active part in the rearing, feeding and butchering of the animals, thus showing them the full cycle of the animal's life...."

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