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First Year Football XI
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School First Year Football Team 1982

back row : Tim Garnett - Gavin Reeve - Lincoln Davies - Richard Pike - Matthew Welborne
front row : Nick Simpson?* - Jason Westerman - Simon Cunningham - Gavin Mills - Barry Cook - Mark Setchell

Submitted by Jason Westerman, 6th January 2001. Additional info from Jo Harvey (Andy Pike's sister), Melanie Jebson (now Lofthouse), Gavin Mills and Tim Garnett (Stiglett)
* some debate as to whether this is Tim Garnett or Unknown (with Tim Garnett on the back row, 1st left instead).
"The unknown kid on the back left hand side is in fact me, Tim Garnett, although I am in a minority with only me and my mum who are sure that it is not in fact the kid sitting in front of me who does an excellent impersonation. What's been bugging me though since I first saw the picture is 'who the hell is he if he isn't me?' "
2016 Update from Gavin Mills: "Definitely Tim Garnett front left, back left I think was a lad called Simpson (Nick?) "
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