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The Other Flying Pickets 1984
WSPANE banner WHS The Flying Pickets at the Christmas Extravaganza 1984
Submitted by Mr Malcolm Winterburn, 27th February 2004
"Having finally retired from Wetherby High (after 35 years, man and boy) I came across this blast from the past among my files.It was taken at Christmas, 1984 and shows one of the Cabaret Acts about to "entertain" the School in Pauline Majerus' Annual Christmas Extravaganza.
At the time, the stage was closed for the removal of asbestos and the performance took place just outside the Music Room (pictured) with the serried ranks of the audience facing away from the stage!  The group called itself "The Flying Pickets" and sang "Spring in the Air" to a disbelieving audience.
It consisted of (l to r) Adrian Kilburn, David Cummings, Malcolm Spencer, Malcolm Winterburn, David Milne and Tommy Spencer.
For months afterwards, I couldn't go anywhere without some small voice intoning "Spring in the air" at my retreating back!"
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