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WHS Form 3RW 1981-82
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Form THREE/RW 1981-82

back row : John Bowlt - Andrew Challenger - Thomas Forman - Michael Jacklyn - Robert Love - David Meyer - Edward Oxley - Michael Rollason
middle row : Alastair Scott - Geoffrey Shannon - Iain Smith - John Wade - Alistair Wilks - Elaine Atkinson - Sara Black - Joanne Bowden - Susan Bowden - Amanda Brown
front row : Katie Bruce - Nicola England - Alison Grace - Susan Haliburton - Donna Hoath - Fiona James - Janet Kinghorn - Laura Loiacono - Karen Mills - Susannah Rowlands

Submitted by form teacher Mr Richard Wilcocks, October 2001.
Here's one in a different category. I was away from Wetherby for a year on an MA course at the Workshop Theatre in the University of Leeds. I returned to Wetherby briefly. This was my last form there.
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