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WHS Unknown Rugby Team
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Unknown Rugby Team, circa 1981-2?

back row : John Boult - Paul Garton - David Quinn - Andrew Wilkes - Nigel Boden - Mark Hunter - Phillip Slater - Gareth Mills - Nick Coverdale - Edward Oxley - John Wade
front row : Geoffrey Chambers - Michael Rollason - Andrew Hunter - Simon Etherington - Andrew Venn - Simon Brown - Richard Teale

Submitted by Dave Livesey, June 22nd 2002. Additional info suggested by Ernest Mann, Susannah Villacci, John Wade, Diana Oakley, Claire Wood and Andy Wilks.
" I think it was 3rd year 81-82 or maybe 4th year 82-83 when the team won the Leeds cup, or were unbeaten…or something like that! (four years unbeaten, confirmed by Andy Wilks)"
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