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WHS Unknown Form 1980s
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Unknown Form - FOUR/II 1979-80?

back row : Darren Cox - Grant Dorward - Peter Dunn - Ian Foster (Fozzie) - Andrew Harper - David Jebb - Unknown - Unknown
middle row : Graham Plumb? - Mark Rowbotham - Ian Sugden - Unknown - Unknown - Warren Watts
front row : Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Helen Cazaux - Penny Rowntree* - Claire Jarrett (?) - Joanna Noyes

Submitted by Mandy Umpleby, June 10th 2003. Additional info from Brenda Cullen, Diane Bonner and Paul Brooks, who suggests this is a later incarnation of 1979's THREE/JD and Tim Boydell who counters: "This will be a 3rd year year class as Mark Rowbotham was a year above me."
* "does anybody know where Penny Rowntree is now?...would be lovely to see her again" - Kelly Smith : October 2013
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