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 a collection of pictures from the Wilcocks Collection arranged as a collage

1. The Comedian
"me telling jokes in 1972 (maybe 1973) at a Christmas event" - one person nearly smiling, one person bemused, one other smelling a shoe - so what happened to this promising comedy career? And is the gagster delivering a punchline or an ultimatum?
someone reading this must have been there - c'mon! what was he like?
from Mandy Rance (now Thackray) : That's Lesley Webster sniffing the shoe
from Diane Bonner (now Oakley) : The girl positioned left of shoe looking forward is Anita Wright, girl with long hair looking up is Linda Lambert. Girl on front row with hand under her chin is Beverley Selves and the girl with her hand on her chin after Linda Lambert is Lorraine Coates

2. The Really Ugly Sisters
Messrs "Popeye"Cummings, Mead? / Thomson? and headmaster Harry Fitton pantomiming (perhaps Snow White, maybe Cinderella)
exact date unknown, circa 72/73

3. The Crowd
"a shot of the audience (first and second years) watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - Christmas 1973"
from Mandy Rance : I think that lad with the glasses on the front row could be Andrew West
from Phil Sharp : The people in the main row are Paul Norman (spot the teeth a mile away), Shaun Knights, Andrew Dermody (not West), unknown, Barry Thew, unknown

WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Pantomimes and Stand-Ups

a series of images submitted by Mr Richard Wilcocks, October 2001

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